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Anything you need in English (except teach it).

We can help you with: Your strategy and making order of your messages. Understanding who it is you’re speaking to, and the tone and style that you should be using. Writing – from names and slogans to websites, brochures, presentations, scripts and speeches. Need Hebrew? We work with a fantastic Hebrew writer. So, if your project is bilingual, we can handle that too.
Strategy & Branding
Names & Slogans
Marketing Writing
Websites & Digital
Speeches & Presentations


Writing is not an abstract painting – we believe you need to stop, think, and plan, before you begin. We start with your messages; they are at the core of everything you say and are derived from your business strategy and what is most relevant to your audience. We ask the tough questions, really listen to the answers, and think before we write.

Messaging platform

This is a half-day workshop where we discuss, organize and prioritize what you need to say, the proof points and the benefits you give your clients, to create a messaging matrix that forms the basis of all your marketing materials.


A description of each relevant persona that make up your target audience, identifying their resistance, fears and buying motivations.


We will analyze and present the main messages of your competitors, for reflection and discussion.


This is your brand story; it is the what and why of your business, and will form the basis of your elevator pitch, boiler plate and about us text.


If your company were a person, who would they be? We define and find a known person or character that best represents your brand. This will allow you to maintain a constant tone of voice. When in doubt, ask: “would my persona say this in this way?” – the answer will direct your writing style and tone of voice.


Forget the old Vision / Mission statement – what your clients want to know is your credo, what you believe, what’s in your heart – that’s the text that’s relevant to them.

Content calendar

If it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t get done. We help you make a 12-month content plan, so you know what you need and when to publish.

Names & Slogans

Brainstorming at WIR is a collaborative and creative process that is brief and focused. Includes three rounds of options.

Marketing Writing

The writing is the final phase, after we have deciphered your messages and who we are speaking to get onto the writing. All items are written to have both scan and read appeal.


As we write, we consider and suggest the layout we feel will best support and enhance the text.

Company profile

A professional introduction of who you are, what you do and why you’re good at it.

Websites & Digital

From characterization of flow and funnel, through writing all web text and landing pages. Design and web building services also available.

Flow & Funnel

We’ll help you determine which messages go on each page, and the order in which people will be reading them.


Written to appeal to both scanners and readers. Includes final proofing before going live.


Applications, programs, tool tips and other bits and pieces.

Banners & Landing Pages

Package includes social media adverts, banners and landing page flow and text.

Speeches & Presentations

Whether you’re presenting to potential investors, customers, or taking the stage at an international conference, we’ll make sure your story is clear and enticing, and your presentation serves as the tool you require to support the show.