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Our vision: To revolutionize the way hundreds of millions of people in Sub Saharan Africa connect and use the internet.

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With greater connectivity through our satellite, you can offer your small and medium-sized business clients all the advantages that cloud services have to offer. From full control of stock inventory, to automated, real-time accounting, you can enable clients across Sub Saharan Africa to streamline their businesses, create new efficiencies and become more profitable.


The way in which people consume media has changed dramatically in recent years. Rather than sitting in front of the TV reliant on broadcaster programming, today people want to watch what they want – content from all over the world, when they want – 24/7, where

they want – everywhere, and how they want – on their phones, tablets or other mobile device.

Together we can lead this momentous shift from terrestrial to over-the-top delivery of entertainment. We will help you convert your services to capitalize on new consumer trends by multicasting different channels to different locations, providing you with a better service and cost savings.


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Enabling affordable broadband access – a key driver to economic growth – to over 800 million people in 39 countries in the region, our network is built around our 150 Gbps Ka satellite, which is larger than all other Ka satellites located over Africa, combined.

We believe in being agile and flexible, and are committed to always being a step ahead of changes in the market, able to invent services, solutions and business models that best meet our customers’ needs. In order to fulfill this commitment, we have undertaken the ambitious task of building our own satellite, which is being constructed by Boeing, in accordance with our specifications and the needs of the market.