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Over the years, it became clear that our work process is more than a sequence of actions – it’s a complete methodology. So we decided to share it with our clients… Michelle Bashan, who is certified to produce and deliver educational content and workshops, delivers practical lectures and workshops that give tools and tips. Interesting and often amusing, workshops can be tailored to your marketing team and their needs.

Messaging Platform Workshop

A messaging platform is the foundation on which all marketing writing is based. It is the mapping of all messages, audiences and marketing platforms – that is: what to say to whom, and where. In this unique workshop, all those involved (management, marketing, sales, development, and customer service) come together for a marathon discussion in which we map the company’s marketing messages. We (Write it Right) guide the dialogue, direct the conversation, ask the difficult questions, challenge and advise, to support the process and help you create your most important marketing tool – a comprehensive and high-quality messaging platform. Deliverables: Back in the office we create a a messaging document that includes your challenges, audiences, messages, proof points, benefits, brand story, and more Workshop duration: Half a day.

Marketing Writing Workshop

This unique workshop teaches participants how to think, analyze, write, edit and polish marketing content. Workshops can be tailored to your needs and may include specific examples of your company’s marketing material, which are analyzed and presented. Topics include:
  • What is Marketing Writing (Intro)
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Knowing your audience – Personas
  • Different writing styles
  • Writing for different formats
  • Creating a messaging platform – What to say to whom and where
  • Hunting for new ideas – Stirring up your creative juices
  • Creating a writing brief – For working with external writers
  • Editing – Making good text great!
  • When is an image worth a thousand words? – Use of graphics and infographics

Elevator Pitch Seminar

The term ‘elevator pitch’ refers to your ability to present yourself, your product and its benefits in the time it takes to ride an elevator – 30 – 60 seconds. ​ The seminar includes a theoretical lecture and a practical workshop, allowing participants to implement the principles of the elevator pitch and begin to create their own.